ZN insert concrete vibrators Benefits Applications

In todays less and less land area, the state and people stressed the need to ensure, when the bottom line of 18 million mu of arable land, as the third most important person in life, "live", builders will start from the high-rise buildings, reducing the land area, and increased real estate revenues and reduce costs. Then, in the high-rise building construction process, the higher the position of the power plant needs more stringent, many large machinery in 45years manufacturer certificated concrete vibrator hose the plane is difficult to play the role of a small area of ​​high-rise construction in the position, in order to ensure a high density of concrete and structural strength of the entity , which requires tamping work. ZN-type plug-in concrete vibrator to solve a number of difficult traditional manual tamping. Traditional manual tamping work, spend a long time, tamping not uniform, relatively weak, more than the performance of concrete can not play well. ZN-type plug-in concrete vibrator is a modern concrete construction of important mechanical, in high-rise construction, as long as the pouring of concrete member, the rods can be inserted into local energy use, particularly for use in small pieces and pouring light thin-walled structures.

ZN-type plug-in concrete vibrator tamping than manual has many advantages: 1, fast, exciting and strong, to speed up the progress of the project; 2, concrete tamping effect, to shorten the clotting time; 3, can improve the concrete entity structural strength, saving the amount of cement; 4, quickly ruled out the air bubbles in concrete, concrete improve the internal structure of a high density and homogeneity; 5, reducing the volume shrinkage of concrete structures, increase water infiltration, weathering and impact resistance capabilities. In concrete tamping work, the plug-in vibration tamping vibrators area is suitable for small size and have a certain depth of the vertical structure of the concrete member or Heavy operation should push slow pull, vibration time depends on concrete is not reassert the sink, but no longer appears when the bubble and the concrete surface is horizontal and the emergence of grout prevail. The insertion point should be evenly staggered interpolation Concrete Vibrator Hose China Suppliers point spacing should not exceed 1.5 times the radius of action of the vibrator

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